Kurierr Box LLC is the first company to introduce an app and dropbox combination local delivery service. This process makes it very easy and convenient to request local courier service in your city. We use the latest technology to execute our delivery services making sure that it is simple, affordable and transparent. Our software algorythms generate optimized traffic routes as well as optimized time routes to reduce cost and pass down the savings to our customers.





Execute in Three Simple Steps





Dropbox Features

Premium Package Delivery Box

The parcel drop box is made of galvanized steel, sturdy, modern, and corrosion-proof. Total Dimension: 18.9” x 12” x 44”. It is used for receiving various packages in your daily life.

Secure & No Keys Required

The package lock box features a reinforced theft-proof design. The code lock is secure and reliable, with no worries of keys lost; a convenient flap drop slot defends against theft.

Weather-Proof Design:

The package parcel box is coated with powder paint, smooth and rust-proof. The flap drop slot can avoid of damaging the parcels by the rain.

Easy Installation

There are pre-drilled holes at the bottom for easy installation. In addition, our drop box comes with complete expansion bolts to help secure the box to the ground against storm weather and theft.