When we think about amenities we think of pools, tennis courts, gyms, spas, and probably valet services. Times are changing and delivery services are a big part of this change so update your building services to today's needs. We married our courier service app Kurierr with our new convenient drop off box so that tenants can conveniently request local delivery services.


The Amenity That Property Managers are Raving About!

By installing one of our free dropboxes on your property you are adding a premium amenity to your location.

“We at Kurierr understand delivery logistics.”

With that said, we know that many cities are getting very crowded, our roads are more congested than ever and we see that getting from point A to point B anywhere is a real challenge that we all have to sadly face and deal with everyday. So let’s work together to give your tenants some piece of mind knowing that Kurierr is there to help.





Kurierr Box is a win win for you and your tenants!

The digital / app delivery service business is an accepted service that has been adopted worldwide. By adding our Kurierr Drop Box service option to your building amenities and by partnering with Kurierr Box, your tenants will see that you are working on their everyday concerns.

In addition we do not disturb your tenants or building service employees during delivery pickups which is a huge concern for property managers today. We know how difficult a challenge it is to manage delivery services creating access issues and parking issues to your building.

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